Understanding and Avoiding Cellulites

When it comes to skin problems nothing is more troublesome and irritating than the sight of cellulites. These lumpy occurrences in the skin have ruined many bikini opportunities in many summer holidays. Cellulite is defined as a skin change characterized by skin dimpling or lumping because of fat deposits usually in the pelvic area, lower limbs, and abdomen. This condition occurs mostly on women who have just undergone puberty and almost nowhere to be found in the male physique. Some experts suggest that its origin is mostly hormonal in its representation because of its connection to puberty. Everyone is eager to get rid or even avoid having this occurrence and luckily there are a lot of plausible suggestions on just how to do this.


The occurrence of cellulite is mainly due to changes in the body’s physiology because of certain changes we undergo as we grow. It can be affected by internal changes in the body or external factors because of our lifestyle. The hormonal factor is the chief cause of cellulite occurrence as a byproduct of the process of the female hormone estrogen. The scientific community however is still divided as to what extent the role of estrogen is with cellulite occurrences and even doubts its actual play in it. The fact remains though those women are almost the exclusive host of cellulites. Some researchers also found genetic factors when it comes to the occurrence of cellulites and how each individual has varying tendencies and concentration of it in their body. Race also plays its part as different races are found to have differing physiological treatments in the distribution of fat in the body. When it comes to the external factors, diet is the number one concern in the occurrence of cellulites. It is proven that diet and exercise can improve on the occurrence of cellulites. Another factor is stress which has been associated to evolution of cellulite in the body.

Avoiding Cellulites

Regular Exercise

This is the most efficient way in order to do away with cellulites. Burning the fatty areas of the body through constant exercise can help prevent the occurrence of cellulites. Muscle development which comes with regular exercise also helps tone the skin and stretches it to avoid fat accumulation giving it a smoother and firmer surface. Indeed exercise is the safest and probably the best way to avoid or minimize the occurrence of cellulites.

Fat Reduction

Avoiding the intake of unhealthy and unnecessary fat is vital for the reduction of cellulite occurrence. Fat is the main reason behind cellulites and once fat is not utilized well in the body it accumulates and eventually result in cellulites. Having a low fat diet coupled with fruits and vegetables to help strengthen and beautify the skin, will have you blowing away those unwanted cellulites.

Proper Skin Care

Making sure that you have a nice smooth and moisturized skin can help you avoid unwanted cellulites. Make sure to regularly treat you skin to the best care you can offer by eating right and applying natural moisturizers.

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