Stress and How to Relieve it

Stress is one of the most common problems we face daily. A lot of our daily activities at home and at work involve some amount of stress which can accumulate and have drastic consequences if left uncheck. Stress can be a manifestation of physical pressures, mental pressures or a combination of both. Although it generally manifests through minor discomforts and inconveniences in one’s behavior, it can lead to more serious illnesses like heart disease and hypertension to name a few. These diseases can be fatal once left untreated and the source of stress uncurbed. The good thing is once we acknowledge that stress is the source of our discomfort, it can be treated by natural and easy ways.

Symptoms of Stress

Cognitive Symptoms

These can include one or many of the following mental effects of stress. These effects can be likened to many other psychological conditions. Memory loss is one of the most common sign and it can also include problems in concentration, pessimism, and uncontrollable bouts of anxiety or panic attacks.

Physical Symptoms

Physical manifestations of stress can include episodes of constant dizziness, nausea, chest pains coupled with rapid heartbeat, diarrhea, and loss of sexual appetite. In some cases those suffering from stress become more prone to common diseases like colds.

Behavioral Symptoms

These are probably the most evident manifestation of stress and can be easily detected since it alters the usual behavior of the subject. These behavioral changes include irregular sleeping patterns, too much or too little food consumption which is clearly different from his usual intake, isolation, abuse of alcohol or drugs, and certain signs of nervousness.

Emotional Symptoms

This can include constant mood swings and irritability. There can also be signs of agitation and depression.

Natural Stress Relievers

Stress is definitely inescapable but what we can do is reduce its effect or constantly eliminate its manifestation through the help of natural methods. The cure for stress can only be achieved by a lifetime commitment to one or more of these methods;

Proper Diet and Exercise

Eating healthy and maintaining a healthy weight makes the body and mind work efficiently. Doing this everyday can greatly reduce the amount of stress we receive daily and also we become more immune to many stress sources.

Breathing Exercises

These relaxing techniques can help your mind and body become more at ease and help relieve anxiety. They are easy to follow and can be done anytime and anywhere.


This can help clear the mind from external worries which are the general cause of mental stress. The practice of meditation also relaxes the body when done properly.


Playing any type of games or sports activities can get your mind of stressors and make you enjoy. Enjoyment can greatly reduce stress both mentally and physically.


Music can set the mood for relaxation and enjoyment. The effects of music to our mental and emotional state has been tested and proven throughout the ages to be very helpful.


They were not kidding around when they said laughter is the best medicine. Indeed laughter is super effective in counteracting stress and its effects. So keep on laughing and your worries will lessen.

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